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  • Patrick Bel - Coach Sportif et Bien Être
  • Patrick Bel - Coach Sportif et Bien Être

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I adapt to all types of people : children (from 4-5 years old) to the ederly (I coached a 82 years old woman). From person to reduce mobility to the top athletes.

I commit to putting everything into action to help you achieve your aesthetic, sporting and well-being goals.

My supervision will allow you to train effectively, safely and to motivate you to exceed your limits.

My dietary advice will allow you to eat healthily, intelligently, with choices that will allow you to respect the environment, for those who are interested ... You must understand one thing: the food choices that respect animals and the environment are the the best choices you will make for your body in terms of nutrient quality and taste quality ...

I coach progressively and adapt to everyone: from children (from 5 years old at the Kid's Club) to the elderly (I coached an 82 year old woman). From people with reduced mobility to top athletes.

Multi activity


My name is Patrick Bel. I’ve always been in sport, sometimes several, it’s a determining factor for my well-being. Sport allows you to improve your physique, regulate your mood, spend yourself being satisfied and it is a great school of life that teaches that everything has to be earned and that you have to work hard to get there.

The sports that have influenced me the most are gymnastics, martial arts, climbing, BMX, surfing, snowboarding, ... and today mainly free weight training, Weightlifting, Crosstraining (physical condition general) and still a bit surfing in ocean or in wavepool in swizerland.

I mainly exercise Châtel Tonic Club in Châtel (Vallée d'Abondance in Haute-Savoie) but I can intervene for coaching outside, at home or in business, and remotely.

My priority is well-being. To be well in his body and in his head. It is for me in direct relation with:

1 / a good general physical condition which allows us to be healthy and to be able to make the most of our activities

2 / a bodily aesthetic that satisfies us

3 / Challenges that take us out of our comfort zone and exceed our mental and physical limits, and ultimately progress


  • I'm sport coach state diploma BPJEPS AGFF (musculation)
  • I'm actually in upgrade formation Nutrition and Performance "Bayesian Bodybuilding"
  • I intervene for well being (sweet gym, stretching, automassages), and fitness
  • For the developpement of physical and mental habilities to perform in your sport
  • For aesthetic change : to refine and shape your body, for muscular mass gain
  • Dietary advises
  • I can coach in English
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For prices, the best is to contact me in "contact"

I will offer you a quote based on your objectives and the follow-u

For prices, the best is to contact me in contact.

 I will offer you a quote based on your objectives and the follow up chosen (training and/or nutrition)

I also do remote follow-up with very good results

Places of intervention

Mainly in Châtel in Chatel Tonic Club next to the gondola of super Châtel

( 43 chemin sous le Crêt, 74390 Châtel, Haute Savoie)


But also at home, outdoors, in business or by videos.


Weight loss is actually fat loss. It is important to have a suitable diet to lose as much fat as possible and maintain muscle. This is why the main success of weight loss is first in the diet. Sport will be an effective complement to improve the silhouette but in the majority of cases, sport alone will not be enough to lose weight.

Weight Gain

Mass gain is for people who are thin and not very muscular. There may be a slight fat gain with mass gain, but the goal is to adjust the diet to gain muscle and little fat.

Body Recomposition

Body recomposition is less well known. The goal is to change your figure without changing weight. The diet must be well adjusted to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Body recomposition is for people who already have a little muscle and little fat. If there is not enough muscle, consider gaining mass, if there is too much fat, consider losing weight. On the photo opposite, the weight has not changed but the silhouette is not the same

Sports Coaching

Sports coaching is for people wishing to improve their general physical condition and specific preparation to perform in their sport, whether for fun or for high-level athletes. I also accompany many athletes in "post rehabilitation", it is the work of re-athletics after an injury and after or during the work of the physiotherapist following his instructions. I have prepared several high-level freestyle quad athletes, freeride skiers, snowboarders...


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