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One of the biggest obstacle to training is motivation!

If you have difficulty training alone, the solution may be to practice as a couple or with a friend.

This video is intended to show you that you can motivate yourself as a couple or with friends at the gym, even with different levels of practice, by adapting the difficulty of exercises and loads.

Do not hesitate to contact me to coach you and / or do a training program for 2.

  Patrick Bel, sports coach

Each sport requires a specific physical training

Each sport requires a specific physical training

                  Each sport requires a specific physical training:


      Depending on the sport you are practicing, a specific physical training will help you feel better about practicing your sport and going beyond your limits.

Each sport has its own specificities and according to the one you practice, you will need to improve several physical abilities:

                     - strength, power, speed

                     - endurance, cardiovascular

                     - proprioception (balance), coordination

                     - cladding

                     - loss or weight gain, development of muscle mass or toning without weight increase

                       (sports at body weight and weight categories)


       I train mainly skiers, snowboarders, downhill mountain biking, crosscountry and more and more quad-motocross riders.

    I also intervene a lot in post-reeducation. After rehabilitation with the physiotherapist, we must continue to resume the range of motion, work proprioception and muscle, especially the difference in strength and mass between the right and left limbs when they have been immobilized. This difference can remain for life if you do not do specific unilateral work.

     If you want your general physical condition to allow you to fully enjoy your sport, do not hesitate to contact me for a fitness check, identify your weaknesses, and do some coaching sessions and a personalized and evolving training program .


Patrick Bel, personal trainer


Streetworkout is bodyweight gymnastic (Calisthenics), originally with street furniture.

Hannibal for King, Franck Medrano and many others now inspired me.


     After 2 summers of practice, at 44, this is only the beginning and I am just starting to master some basic movements ...

I hope to progress this summer and show you a video a little more accomplished late summer or autumn 2019.



                               Récupération, Stretching et automassages


Une composante essentielle pour le sport, pour progresser (surtout avec l'âge) c'est la récupération. Le sommeil n'est pas suffisant pour assurer une récupération optimale. Les massages, automassages et le stretching aide à la détente et récupération musculaire et aussi à la relaxation mentale.

Le Stretching permet de gagner en amplitude articulaire et améliore la mobilité dans la vie de tous les jours et dans la pratique des sports.


Welcome everyone

Welcome everyone

I'm very happy to introduce you to my coaching site.

My priority is to Feelgood. to help you find or maintain the fitness, develop your physical abilities. and/or change your appearance (loss or gain of volume, curve) and with a personalized adapted training and dietary advices ( soon in link with a dietetician).

For fitness, minimum 1 hour per week ( to start ) but it is advisable to do at least two sessions per week to have more results.

For aesthetic change :

- To refine end curve the shape minimum 2 sessions to 6 sessions of minimum 1 hour but it is better 1hour30. Attention change your diet will be paramount to have results.

- To win muscles : minimum 2 to 6 sessions of 1 hour.

I intervene in individual or group coaching, in the gym (mainly in Châtel Tonic Club), home, outdoors, in compagnies.

I also do personalized programs.

I propose 2 possibilities :

- the most effective (according to your budget) : I coach you at every session, minimum 2 times a week.

- the least expensive : I coach you for 1 to 5-10 sessions, then I do your training program to train yourself independently in your gym and/or at home, outdoors.

Feel free to exchange on this blog, or to let me a private message in "CONTACT"

Patrick, coach sport and wellness


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